As an integrated supply chain partner to our customers, we offer a variety of value-added services to our customers and have developed vendor managed inventory and strategies covering hundreds of SKUs.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Customized arrangements whereby G&L holds a specified amount of finished goods inventory for customers, allowing them to draw on that inventory on an as-needed basis to reduce costs.

Demand Forecasting

G&L helps customers forecast future inventory requirements by analyzing historical part number variations, SKU information, high/low information and seasonal trends.

Flexible Packaging Solutions

G&L meets specific packaging requirements upon customer request, including reusable containers and protective packaging for Class-A parts requiring special care.

High Speed Cutting and Finishing

State-of-the-art cutting systems cut to an exact pre-determined length while also adding complex end condition designs per customer requirements.

Integrated Tool Room

Complete in-house tool room capabilities to engineer, design, build, and maintain all tooling allows G&L to quickly help customers go-to-market, often at a lower cost.