G&L’s proprietary tubing technology has been well known in the tubing industry since 1982.  Our founder, Robert Gilreath, laid the foundation for the company’s success by developing a quality culture and the basis for manufacturing precision tube making equipment, produced right here in Cookeville, Tennessee.  The result, tubing produced with outstanding quality and consistency to industry leading tolerances.

Over the following 37 years G&L has grown from the original 3 mills to 25 mills, expanded our cutting capabilities with production cutting equipment with inline deburr & wash systems, and acquired another production facility in Denver, CO to better service our customers.

In August 2019, G&L became a part of the O’Neal Industries family of companies.  In doing so, we brought together two of the nation’s most respected privately owned metal product suppliers in order to provide an even higher level of service and greater value than before.

G&L was founded by building its own tube mills, straightening equipment and cutting machines. In addition, tooling for G&L’s product range is produced in-house, along with all tooling maintenance procedures and processes. G&L produces coiled tubing for many markets including beverage and automotive. G&L is ISO 9001:2015certified.  Click here for certificate.  G&L continues to invest in advancing its quality culture with state of the art equipment and software to ensure continually improving quality product.  Our machine operators must pass prescribed tests, both written and oral, in order to become a certified G&L technician.

G&L Tube is dedicated to recognizing, respecting, embracing, and supporting the unique characteristics and experiences that have shaped the lives of our employees. We aim to cultivate an inclusive environment where differences are positively embraced and everyone feels valued, considered, and accepted.